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There are a lot of used trucks for sale in Fort Worth, but the ones from the RAM brand really stand out. After all, RAM doesn’t spread its resources to cars and SUVs — it has a laser-like focus on hard-working trucks and business-friendly vans. Now, to be clear, RAM trucks are much more than highly capable. They can also be highly comfortable and have the kind of high-tech amenities that modern-day drivers expect. And the key to getting a good deal on these machines is to find a dealership that’s as focused on RAMs as RAM is focused on trucks. Which is where the Callahan Motor Company comes in. Our no-hassle, no-haggle approach to buying used trucks makes the whole process easy, even applying for credit. Visit us online or in person to experience the Callahan difference for yourself.


All the incredible RAM capability doesn’t come cheap, but it can be less expensive than you might think when you opt for a used model. Remember, with a brand-new RAM — as with most of the used cars for sale in Fort Worth — you’re going to be facing some serious depreciation. We’re talking about losing some 20% of a vehicle’s value after one year and often more than 60% after five. The thing is, book depreciation rates don’t necessarily match up with real-world wear and tear, so a used RAM truck can still be in excellent condition despite depreciation. Think of it this way: The typical new vehicle loses a major chunk of value to depreciation as soon as you drive it off the lot — and how much wear and tear can there be just driving your truck home?

Insurance policies for new trucks are also usually more expensive than for pre-owned models. This is something that can quickly add up as the years go by. Indeed, insurance expenses are among your highest ongoing ownership costs with any car or truck.

Of course, there’s more to getting a great deal than merely a low price. That’s why the Callahan Motor Company is so keen on boosting your confidence by only selling high-quality used RAM trucks that are carefully selected by our team of experts. Want some input from other experts? Check out an easy-to-access used-car history report for vital info about a vehicle’s previous owners, past accidents (if any), and more.

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We already mentioned how the RAM brand blends fierce strength and first-class amenities, and now we get down to the details. Here you’ll find only a few of the smart safety technologies, advanced connectivity resources, and elegant luxuries that are available across the RAM lineup. As you’ll see, the brand’s bold trucks are more than a match for the mainstream used cars for sale in Fort Worth. (Please keep in mind, however, that equipment can vary by model and model year.)

  • Dual-action tailgates, Rambox bed storage, and sophisticated trailering tech are key productivity enhancers for many used RAMs.
  • RAM also boasts plenty of intelligent safety technology, including automatic braking, automatic parking assistance, a blind-spot monitor, lane-keeping, adaptive cruise control, and more.
  • For the digital convenience you demand, RAM can provide WiFi compatibility, Bluetooth, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and wireless charging.
  • Features such as head-up displays, digital rearview mirrors, and huge 12-inch touchscreens can help you better keep your eyes on what’s important.
  • Increase efficiency without sacrificing capability when you take advantage of RAM’s mild-hybrid powertrains.
  • Heated/ventilated leather seats, Harman Kardon audio systems, real wood accents, power-adjustable pedals and steering wheels, sunroofs, signature LED lighting, and meticulously crafted interiors can elevate your comfort in some used RAM trucks.


RAM has a relatively small lineup — due to its trucks-first business model — but the brand also offers an impressive range of individual trim levels and special editions so you can find a truck to meet your lifestyle and budget. Need help narrowing things down? Talk to a member of the Callahan Motor Company team today.

  • The award-winning RAM 1500 family is especially popular in Texas and is available with different bed sizes and cab styles to better fit more truck lovers. You’ve got multiple engine choices as well, including HEMI V8s, Pentastar V6s, and even turbodiesel powerplants for robust strength and surprising efficiency.
  • With RAM 2500 and 3500 heavy-duty trucks, you can opt for HEMI gas or Cummins diesel engines that ensure mighty strength for towing and hauling. Backed by unrelenting power either way, these trucks never back down from a challenge.
  • To give you an idea of the kind of special trucks you can get from RAM, just consider its high-performance off-road machines: The RAM 1500 TRX flaunts a 702-horsepower V8 to conquer the toughest terrain, and the RAM 2500 Power Wagon more than lives up to its name while leaving the pavement far behind.
  • A full-size workhorse, the RAM ProMaster provides an efficient front-wheel-drive layout that also means more room for cargo and or passengers in the back.
  • The RAM ProMaster City is an urban-sized van with nimbler dimensions you’ll definitely love when parking for deliveries.


RAM is one of the newer brands in the auto industry, selling its first truck in 2010. Of course, RAM trucks go back much farther than that, but they got their start as part of the Dodge brand. In fact, the famous RAM logo was first used on Dodge radiator caps in the 1930s. It re-surfaced again with the debut of Dodge’s new light trucks in1980, and from that point until 2009, full-size Dodge RAM trucks grew to become one of the industry’s Big Three — along with the Ford F Series and Chevrolet Silverado — and that success led to the separation of the two brands (both of which were owned by the Chrysler Corporation and now the Stellantis group). Dodge devoted its efforts to performance cars and SUVs, and RAM continued to concentrate on trucks. Today, the RAM brand is a favorite of real truck fans around the world.

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