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Dear Friends,



Nick was a happy 5 year old that was just starting kindergarten when we found out on Labor Day weekend 2003 that he was suffering from chronic kidney failure.  This was quite a shock and devastating to us.  When he was admitted to PICU at Children’s Hospital, the doctors were unsure Nick would survive.  He was on dialysis seven days a week for three months until his kidney transplant December 15, 2003.  Luckily he was able to receive a live kidney from his mom. 


In December of 2013 we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Nick’s kidney transplant but now at the age of 16, Nick’s transplanted kidney is failing and he is in need of another transplant. 


Nick takes anti-rejection medicine twice a day along with other medications and will continue taking that medicine for the rest of his life.  Nick needs monthly blood draws, quarterly doctor visits, periodic hospital stays and a major procedure each year called a Glo-Fill test to show how well his kidney is functioning.  As you can imagine, these medications and tests are all very expensive. 


Thankfully Callahan Motor Compnay has decided to make a donation from each car sold in the month of August and September to Nick’s transplant fund!


A fund was established before Nick’s kidney transplant with HelpHOPELive for his uninsured medical expenses.  NTAF is a nonprofit organization that has been providing assistance to the transplant community for the past 25 years.


God Bless!

The Bacinos'